App of the Week: 'Interlocked'

2D block-sliders (think "Pudding Monsters") are perfect for touchscreens, but what about a 3D puzzle game? "Interlocked," based on the popular flash game of the same name, recently hit iPhone and iPad courtesy of Armor Games. After spending a few days wrapping my brain around the addictive puzzler I have to admit, it's nothing less than addictive.

The iOS version of "Interlocked" looks great, clearly getting a bit of spit shine before making the jump from PC to mobile. Gameplay is simple: each level consists of a group of interlocking blocks that you swipe and drag in an attempt to separate them. To get the proper angle, players are able to slide their finger across the screen to adjust the view.

The puzzles are pretty simple on the first few stages, but quickly become more difficult as you progress. Unlocking new puzzles is achieved by collecting stars, which are earned based on how many moves you make and how much time you spend completing the stage. Like many mobile games, each stage gives you the opportunity to nab 3 stars.

One of interlocked greatest features has to be the controls. moving blocks around in a 2D space is one thing, but creating a control scheme to manipulate blocks in a 3D world seems like it could easily become confusing if not planned out just right. Thankfully, the team behind Interlocked nailed it. With the help of some nicely placed arrows, moving the piece just where you want ti is a breeze.

If you're into puzzle games of any kind and want to put your mind to the test, Interlocked is definitely worth checking out. It's available now for $.99 as a universal app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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