'WoW' Movie Still Getting Made, Now With 'Source Code' Director

But more importantly, Duncan Jones--the man tapped by Legendary Pictures to direct the long-in-development 'World of Warcraft' movie--directed "Moon." According to THR, Jones signed up with the production company behind Nolan's Bat-films, this summer's "Man of Steel," and Guillermo del Toro's "Pacific Rim" to direct the feature based on Activsion-Blizzard's seemingly impossible to stop MMO.

Jones, whose "Moon" is a thoughtful, low-budget sci-fi film with Sam Rockwell and the voice of Kevin Spacey made the jump to sci-fi/time traveling thriller with 2011's "Source Code." Legendary hasn't released an official statement about why Jones is good fit here, but the plan is for them to start production at the end of this year with a planned 2015 release date. That's... not a lot of time for a first time director of a likely 200 million-plus epic fantasy movie (I'm just pulling this number out of thin air; for comparison, "Inception" cost something like $160 million, and that didn't have a single orc).

According to the piece, Jones will be working from writer Charles Leavitt's previously-announced rewrite, but Legendary is keeping the scope and scale of the story close to their vests.

[Source: THR]

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