Visit The City in the Sky With a New ‘BioShock Infinite’ Trailer

By Joseph Leray

There were lots of reasons to like the original “BioShock.” It was moody and atmospheric, Rapture was stocked by a great cast of eccentrics, and you could shoot bees out of your fingertips. My preferred methods of destruction, though, was to trigger the invisibility plasmid and use the crossbow to snipe at splicers from long range. Using my telekinesis powers to grab dead bodies as meatshields was also a common tactic for me.

If all else failed, I also enjoyed the shotgun.

Imagine my disappointment, then, that none of those things are in today’s new “BioShock Infinite” trailer! I mean, getting a feel for the story and seeing the protagonist fire rockets at enemies is cool and all, but I need to know that Elizabeth and I will be allowed to crossbow our way through Columbia.

It’s a slick trailer all around -- and more traditionally videogame-y than the excellent faux-documentary trailer from last week.

I particularly noticed that Elizabeth, the game’s mysterious leading lady, seems like she has an active role in combat. See how she throws the protagonist a rocket launcher in the middle of the fray? He even says, “Thanks!” It may be a scripted event, but I can’t help but be reminded of Alyx Vance from “Half-Life 2”: it’s hard to overstate how fun and engaging it is to have a helpful, autonomous partner, even in a single-player game.

It’s exciting stuff, and we should expect to see more as 2K Games and Irrational make a final push before “BioShock Infinite” releases on March 26.

[Irrational Games]