The Heroes Of The DC Universe Aren't Holding Back In The Latest 'Injustice' Trailer

NetherRealm's upcoming brawler featuring the heroes and villains of the DC Universe gets a new, VO-heavy trailer hinting at more of its story.

Superman's stubble: confirmed.

Details about the story have been coming out in drips and drabs, although we do know it's by longtime collaborators Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray ("All-Star Western," "Jonah Hex"), featuring dark, grittier takes on the heroes of the DCU who've maybe taken the law into their own hands (moreso than a vigilante could be said to have already taken the law into their own hands).

I didn't detect any new characters in this clip, but perhaps some of you eagle-eyed viewers out there might be able to spy a reveal I may have missed. You do get to see a power suit-wearing Lex Luthor get into it, though.

"Injustice: Gods Among Us" will be available on April 16 for the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii U.

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