VR Missions Return In 'Metal Gear Rising Revengeance'

How many of you played and replayed the virtual missions in "Metal Gear Solid" back in the day? Those featureless, green rooms patrolled by virtual guards were a sure way to drop down the rabbit hole of trying to beat your best time using non-lethal methods in the Kojima Productions classic.

It looks like Raiden will be put through the (virtual) paces as the challenge mode returns according to a piece from Siliconera.

According to the post, sourced from an article in the Japanese-language print publication "Dengeki PlayStation," the Platinum Games-developed "Revengeance" will include VR missions and additional stories for the game's main characters as DLC. Complicating the issue a bit is that "Revengeance" is PS3-only in Japan, so if the DLC does make it stateside, will it just be for that platform?

Although pricing and release date information aren't available at this time, we've reached out to a Konami rep for more details.

Meanwhile, you can check out a pair of new gameplay videos from "Revengeance" below:

High-frequency Blades

Cyborg Troops

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