All Men Must Craft: 'Game of Thrones' Fans Recreate King’s Landing In 'Minecraft'

By Joseph Leray

One thing I’ve always appreciated about George R. R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” books were their detailed maps. Having a map of Westeros at your disposal while you read makes it easy to see, for example, why and where Robb Stark splits his army before re-taking Riverrun from Jamie Lannister’s forces. It makes the world feel more real and highlights how smart Robb is.

The second book, “A Clash of Kings,” features a particularly detailed map of the continent’s capital, King’s Landing. Getting to explore King’s Landing is actually one of the highlights of the otherwise mediocre “Game of Thrones” role-playing game that came out last year from Cyanide: you can see the way the slums of Flea Bottom butt up against the Red Keep in a way that isn’t quite replicated in the books.

Still, the most impressive way to gallavant through King’s Landing is by jumping in with a group, led by Reddit user pizzainacup, that recreated the entire city in “Minecraft.”

It took him and his team of one hundred builders about four months to plan, build, and individually decorate the approximately 3000 buildings in King’s Landing. From the picture above, you can clearly see an overhead view of The Red Keep, the Dragonpit, and the Great Sept of Baelor, including a dragon sigil in the middle of town. It’s impressive work, and the group’s custom texture pack really makes “Minecraft”’s pixelated blocks shine.

The map isn’t currently available for download, but, according to comments in the original Reddit thread, people are free to jump in and explore. The team is also at work re-creating other parts of Martin’s expansive world -- pizzainacup estimates that they’re about 70% done building the continent of Westeros with plans for other continents as well.

While “Winds of Winter,” the sixth book in the series is likely years away from publication, the third season of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” series premieres at the end of March. Oogling these beautiful renders will have to do in the meantime.

[Westeroscraft via Reddit]

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