'AvP: Evolution' Brings The Brutal Alien vs. Predator War To iOS And Android

Fox recently released screenshots and a trailer for their upcoming mobile game "AvP: Evolution," in which players take on the role of either Predator or Alien in a bloody all-out war between the iconic extraterrestrial species. Head past the break and take a peek!

The single-player action-adventure game takes place on a distant planet where the Super Predators (the bad guys in this outing) have enslaved the Aliens in an attempt to exterminate the Jungle Hunter Clan. As an alien, players will start the campaign as a lowly Facehugger, eventually evolving into an Alien Warrior. Jumping in on the Predator side will see players start out as a Young Blood on a mission to become a Master Hunter.

The Aliens are obviously a little peeved about being forced into slavery, so you'll be doing all you can to exact revenge on your ugly masters. On the other side, as a Jungle Clan Predator, you'll be fighting to survive against the Super Predators and their new pets. Pesky humans will also pose a (minor) threat to both sides.

The game is due out in the first quarter of this year, so we should be seeing it relatively soon. With "Aliens: Colonial Marines" launching for consoles and PC right around the corner, it's safe to assume we'll be seeing this in the Android and iOS app stores around the same time.

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