Wanna Play 'Soul Sacrifice' With Japanese Audio? Then You'll Have To Preorder It

The latest from designer Keiji Inafune is coming to the Vita in April with the obligatory yet bizarre language pack preorder bonus.

The PlayStation Blog revealed the release date and cover art for "Soul Sacrifice" whose action requires, in part, a "sacrifice" on the player's part in order to use sorcery.

From the official synopsis:

Cruelty is a reality in our life, and we have to make sacrifices and pay costs on a daily basis. Inafune-san wanted to blend this “reality” theme into a fantasy world filled with magic, and create a new type of gaming experience that relied on the player making sacrifices in order to obtain great power. Another key feature of the game is the concept of “sacrifice.” In order to use sorcery during fierce battles, you must be willing to make a sacrifice – ranging from personal belongings to a limb, maybe even a life. If you simply think of this game as a “dark fantasy,” then your expectations will be betrayed – but in a good way.

Besides the usual costumes and items that come along with preorder bundles, Sony will also be including the Japanese language track for those who put down their money early. That might be a first--gating an entire audio track behind preorders.

The dark fantasy action game, developed by Sony's Japan Studio, is one of several projects on the plate of "Mega Man" creator Inafune, who's also heading up the development of the "Ninja Gaiden" side story "Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z."

[Source: The PlayStation Blog]

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