Game Stick Docking Station And Final Design Revealed

Remember Game Stick, the Android gaming console set to give OUYA a run for it's crowd-funded money? Well, the Kickstarter campaign is coming to a close and the PlayJam team has revealed the system's final design, along with a new peripheral-ready docking station.

"It's hard to believe that we launched Game Stick just a few short weeks ago. The Kickstarter campaign has been a roller coaster of a ride and one which has given us more feedback than we could ever have possibly imagined." says PlayJam's CMO, Anthony Johnson, "We have been able to take that input and literally better shape our product to give our backers a truly bespoke creation – one which has been designed by the Kickstarter community that backed it."

The new design gives the controller a more ergonomic form, extending the grips and incorporating a tapered shape to better suit gamers' hands. The housing for the HDMI stick has also been moved from the bottom of the controller to the back. In addition, the stick itself now sports an expandable 32GB MicroSD card slot in response to an overwhelming demand from backers.

Surprisingly, the Game Stick will now come with a previously unrevealed docking station. Backers wanted to be able to connect things like mice, keyboards, microphones and cameras, and the Game Stick dock will allow them to do just that via USB. It's also equipped with HDMI-out and a slot for up to 64GBs of storage, bringing the total space up to 104GB.

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