Rise From Your Grave: Crytek USA Opens New Studio With Ex-Vigil Devs

By Joseph Leray

“Crysis” developer Crytek’s shopping spree in the wake of THQ’s bankruptcy is still in full force: the company announced yesterday that they’re opening a new studio in Austin and staffing it with ex-Vigil employees. It’s their ninth (ninth!) studio worldwide, and their first in the US of A.

Former Vigil general manager David Adams will head up the new studio, and IGN is reporting that all 35 employees are former Vigil staffers. Vigil was scuttled last week, part of the collateral damage of THQ’s on-going bankruptcy.

While Crytek USA is being managed and run by ex-Vigil team-members, Crytek didn’t just buy the company -- they hired a bunch of recently unemployed game developers. “It’s more like a new start [for the team],” a Crytek rep told Gamasutra.

For his part, former THQ CEO congratulated everyone involved, thanking Crytek “for saving as much as they could of a fantastic team.”

So, what will Crytek USA be working on? Not “Darksiders,” Vigil’s popular (if under-performing) action-adventure series. Crytek’s Jens Shafer told the Escapist, in pretty unequivocal terms, that “Crytek USA won’t work on a new ‘Darksiders’ game.” “At this point in time, it is too early to share any future plans,” he said.

Until further notice, then, “Darksiders” remains as one of THQ’s properties up for sale. If it’s not bought -- thought Platinum Games seem interested -- it will be a part of the company’s bankruptcy proceedings.

This is only the latest of Crytek’s acquisitions: during last week’s auction, they also bought the rights to “Homefront 2,” which itself has a sordid history. The original “Homefront” ruined developer Kaos Studios, and THQ had pinged Crytek to develop the sequel. Now, the Germany-based developer and publisher own the series outright.

[Crytek via Joystiq]

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