‘Mass Effect 3’ Team Teases Upcoming DLC With Screenshots

By Joseph Leray

“Mass Effect” producer Michael Gamble tweeted this picture out yesterday, noting that this “does not look like a guy you’d want to mess with.”

This mecha-krogan -- which, by the by, should totally become part of the “Warhammer 40,000” universe -- is presumably a teaser for the third piece of campaign DLC for “Mass Effect 3,” following up the less than stellar “Leviathan” and “Omega” expansions to last year’s space-opera. Eurogamer notes that our hammer-toting Krogan is smashing up the Firebase Jade multiplayer map. It’s likely that we’ll see more multiplayer updates before too long, but it might also suggest that the upcoming campaign DLC might take us to some of Cerberus’ more remote bases.

Executive Producer Casey Hudson also sent out a teaser, noting that the casino scene -- and you can just see Shepard and Wrex leaning on a rail -- “would be a good place for some R & R.”

BioWare started staffing up for what seems to be a blow-out piece of DLC last December, bringing in lead writer Mac Walters to head up the writing team, and pulling big-name voice actors like Seth Green and Raphael Sbarge to reprise their previous roles as Joker and Kaidan, respectively.

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