Phil Collins Sings A Necromorph To Death In This 'Dead Space 3' Launch Trailer

By Joseph Leray

With roughly a week to go before the game is released to the unwashed on February 5, Electronic Arts have released a launch trailer for “Dead Space 3,” teasing engineer-turned-super-soldier Isaac Clark’s final assault on the Black Marker.

Despite the game’s title, there’s not much space in this “Dead Space 3” trailer. Maybe we should call the game “Dead Lost Planet 3,” or “Dead Hoth 3,” or “Dead Cutting Open a Tauntaun and Living in its Body Cavity 3.” I mean, that doesn’t actually happen in this trailer, but it should.

The most important thing to notice, though, is the synth-drum breakdown of Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” that marks the trailer’s crescendo. “I’ve been waiting for this moment (to dismember a bloodthirsty alien Necromorph), for all my life,” he croons. In any case, Phil is just the icing on the weird Franken-cake that is “Dead Space 3,” which has included co-op, microtransactions, and cover-based shooting to what once was a straight-up survival horror series.

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