Free Gray Fox Skin For EU 'Metal Gear Rising Revengeance' [Update: And In The U.S.!]

[Update: the Gray Fox skin is also available with purchase through Gamestop, who are also offering a free art book with purchase.]

This is really only a deal for our friends across the pond, but any of you out there in the EU picking up "Metal Gear Rising Revengance" should know that Konami is including a free Gray Fox skin with every purchase. You can check out a couple of additional screens of Frank Jaeger: Cyborg Ninja after the jump.

The DLC will also allow players to upgrade the ninja's Fox Blade within the game along with the new skin.

The character, who's made appearances across multiple "Metal Gear" games before meeting his end in "Metal Gear Solid 2," was a longtime friend and ally of Snake's before fully turning his loyalty over to Big Boss.

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