Sony Offers Three Free Months With PlayStation Plus Subscription

Will this lower the threshold to make Sony's discount/free game service viable for any one sitting on the fence about subscribing?

The deal, which just went live here adds an extra three months onto the program's $50 one-year subscription. By contrast with Xbox LIVE which is kind of like the tax for your online gaming on Microsoft's platform, Sony's been trying hard to push their free games and discounted game service since its launch last year. In recent months, Sony has extended the membership across the Vita and PS3.

While the deal is a pretty nice one (I've finally broken down and subscribed), with Sony launching (presumably) launching a new platform by year's end, you have to wonder how these PS Plus memberships will be handled. In fact, since the draw of PS Plus is getting free stuff as part of the Instant Collection program, will Sony offer up next-gen titles during the PS4 launch window or will it mostly be PS3 releases in that same period?

[Source: SlickDeals]

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