Vergil's Story Will Be Told In 'Devil May Cry' Comic

The two-part comic, "DmC: Devil May Cry: The Vergil Chronicles" from Titan Comics, offers up Dante's dapper brother's side of the story.

This punctuation-heavy title is by French comics writer Guillaume Dorison who goes by the pen name Izu, with art by Robert Recht and Patrick Peon. The first of the two issues is available digitally now via ComiXology here, with both issues coming to print in May from Titan.

According to the release from Titan Comics, "The Vergil Chronicles" will reveal some of the history behind Vergil and fellow anti-demon rebel Kat, set before the events of the Ninja Theory/Capcom game.

This isn't the first time "Devil May Cry" has made its way into comics, with classic Dante and Vergil meeting in the cancelled manga from Dreamwave Productions based on "Devil May Cry 3."

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