'Resident Evil 6' PC Players Get An Exclusive Mercenaries Mode

The March 22nd release will beef up the Mercenaries mode with more enemies along with all of the console patches and updates for "Resident Evil 6."

The addition to Mercenaries mode, No Mercy, will essentially use the extra horse power of the PC to pack the screen with more enemies. On the plus side, that means more possible combos and a better flow for the gameplay. This new mode will be free for PC gamers when "Resident Evil 6" is available for digital download on March 22.

What won't be free is the new Siege mode, a multiplayer mode for two to six players. In it, one team of player-controlled characters will attempt to protect an AI-controlled BSAA rookie while the other team will play as the game's monsters who are trying to kill the poor guy. The game will take place over two rounds with the pair of teams switching between human and infected characters. This will be the fourth mode added to the game's multiplayer.

Additionally, the previously 360-exclusive Onslaught, Predator, and Survivors modes will be coming to the PS3 in February for $3.99 each.

Siege mode will be available on consoles in March for 320MSP/$3.99, with a release date on the PC not too long after that version of the game drops.

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