PS4 Rumor Details Devkit And Controller Features


Someday soon (hopefully) Microsoft and Sony will announce their new gaming consoles. Until that day arrives, we'll have to keep ourselves entertained with rumors and speculation. The latest rumblings on Sony's supposed PlayStation 4 further suggest the console's new controllers with sport a touchscreen, though it won't be on the front.

According to Kotaku, citing information obtained from SuperDae, rumors that Sony's new controller will have a touch interface are true. However, like the PS Vita, the touchpad will be on the back of the controller. It's said that the touchpad will also be clickable, giving players an additional button of sorts.

On top of that tasty morsel, the DualShock replacement will also sport a “share” button, which could mean Sony's next console will have deep social networking integration. It's also rumored to be getting an updated form of Sixaxis motion control.

The report continues with more details on the devkit itself, stating the machine packs 8GB of RAM, 2.2GB of video memory, an AMD Bulldozer eight-core processor, and an AMD R10XX GPU as of January 2013. There's also a Blu-ray drive, four USB 3.0 ports and a 160 GB hard drive, though these features may be present to assist in game development, and could very easily change for production.

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