This 'Aliens: Colonial Marines' Trailer Is The Space Tough Guy-est Thing Of The Day

Rough and tough Space Marine, you sure are talking a good game about those chest-bursting, face-eating, acid-blooded monsters.

The new trailer, titled "Kick Ass" dials back the tension we associate with the "Aliens" franchise and sells up ridiculous, testosterone-fueled bits that James Cameron injected into the second film. I mean, in that case, all the hard talk was simply doomed bravado, but it's striking a strange, almost overblown note here.

Wait... I'm conjuring up a "Bad Company"-style game set in the "Aliens" universe in my head. A quartet of gnarly, screw-up Marines against the galaxy's alpha predator. Get on that, Gearbox...


"Aliens: Colonial Marines" will be available on the XBox 360, PS3, and PC February 12.

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