Monolith Soft Makes Its Wii U Debut With 'Xenoblade Chronicles' Follow-up

By Joseph Leray

Nintendo are dutifully releasing new trailers for games discussed in yesterday’s Nintendo Direct broadcast, including one for Monolith Soft’s mysterious, unnamed new game.

The trailer starts out normally enough -- a guy with a huge sword, running along the beach -- until the timpani rolls and a brontosaurus gets chopped in half. The rest of the trailer is a montage of shooting rockets at giant spiders and flying around in mechsuits, set to the most bombastic piece of orchestral music I’ve heard in a while. Those French horn swells get the blood excited, and I feel like I can face any dinosaur challengers.

In any case, here’s what we know -- MonolithSoft’s “Xeno” series traces itself way back to the original “Xenogears,” via the PlayStation 2 “Xenosaga” trilogy. Tetsuya Takahashi directed each of those games, including last year’s “Xenoblade Chronicles” and will once again be at the helm of whatever this is. GamesRadar suggests that the game might be an MMO, clued in by what looks like a chat interface on the left side of the HUD.

As so often happens in the games industry, mum’s the word on whether or not this game will be localized for North America. Monolith’s last game was eventually brought to Western shores, thanks in part to an extensive fan campaign called Operation Rainfall.

Here’s hoping Nintendo will need a little less convincing this time, if only because I’ve got to hear more of that music.

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