MMO Dev Tiny Speck Uploads ‘Glitch’ Assets For Public Use

By Joseph Leray

“Glitch” was a charming, laid-back, and whimsical indie MMO developed and supported by developer Tiny Speck -- a team founded by Flickr creator Stuart Butterfield and eventually joined by “Katamari Damacy” designer Keita Takahashi -- until late last year. When the game started losing players and funds, its servers had to be shut down.

Part of the game lives on in a music-creation iOS app called “Glitchamaphone,” and Tiny Speck recently uploaded sprite sheets and animations for each of the game’s items and inhabitants under a Creative Commons license. This means that anyone is free to use, or alter these assets free of charge, as long as they don’t profit from them -- amateur game designers now have a huge catalog of freely-accessible whimsy at their fingertips.

“Glitch” was comprised of hundreds of fun, smiling, wiggling, talking, sighing, racing, flying things, and those things are still quite fun on their own,” Tiny Speck wrote on their blog. “We’d like to let you use those things to awaken your inner Giant and imagine something new for them to do.”

“We hope to eventually be able to provide even more assets from the game and to change the licensing terms to something which allows a broader range of uses.”

The assets can be found in the game’s online encyclopedia.

[Tiny Speck via]

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