‘Terraria’ Digging Into XBLA And PSN In February With A New Content Trailer

By Joseph Leray

505 Games released a new trailer today for “Terraria,” a sidescrolling survival-RPG not unlike “Minecraft” in 2D. The game was hugely successful on Steam in 2011 and will make its console debut on Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network “in late February,” according to posts on the publisher’s Twitter account.

The trailer shows off some of the extra content developed for the “Terraria” console port, including new bosses and weapons, an overworld map, a tutorial, and new in-game pets, as well as local split-screen and online multiplayer modes.

505 Games is only handling the console port, freeing up Andrew Spinks, the one-man dev team behind the game, to continue updating the PC version as he sees fit -- he’s currently taking ideas on the “Terraria” forums.

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