First Gameplay Footage From 'Dead Island: Riptide' Offers Hub Defense

"'Dead Island' players should get right back into the groove of fighting because we made sure to preserve the controls that fans know and love."

That's the word from developer Deep Silver when it comes to the "Riptide," the followup to 2011's "Dead Island." More a continuation than a full-fledged sequel, the first-person zombie survival game nonetheless offers some changes to the formula of the original, including hub defense missions, according to this nine-minute gameplay video.

Building in what's effectively a "Horde" mode into "Riptide," Deep Silver will have players fending off waves of zombies in this pre-Alpha video set on the monsoon-ravaged island of Palani, where you and your fellow survivors have washed up following another outbreak on a rescue ship.

Beyond that, nothing looks dramatically different when compared against the first game, although some of the first-person movement and action appears a bit more fluid than in the original (sometimes the player's limbs could appear telescoped out, at least during my experience with the game).

So what do you think? Has "Riptide" made a case for extending the story of "Dead Island?"

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