THQ Link Roundup: Secret Montreal Project Named, Next 'Darksiders' Would Have 4-Player Co-Op

Here's some of the most recent developments in the wake of the THQ sale.

All sales are go, according to the courts [Daily Finance] If, by some slim chance all of the I's weren't dotted or there was a stray, un-crossed T, the sale could have been in jeopardy. However, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court has approved the sale, including that of "South Park: The Stick of Truth" which, for a moment, was being held up by objections from South Park Studios. That title is being developed by the Ubisoft-acquired Montreal studio.

Who bought what and for how much? [DDInvesting] The value investor tallies up the total auction sales to around $100 million, with strategy game maker Relic being the biggest buy at $26 million for SEGA.

"Darksiders III" would have featured 4-player co-op [Game Informer]. This, according to Haydn Dalton who revealed via tweet that the sequel to the modestly successful (but still pretty danged good) "Darksiders II" might have seen all four horsemen of the apocalypse riding together.

The WWE franchise is still looking for a home [Kotaku]. Someone out there must be interested in making more rasslin' games--even as the sport's popularity has dipped a bit in recent years, the annual WWE release is still a solid money maker, right? IGN suggests 2K Sports might be interested in entering the square circle, but there's been no confirmation on that front.

Finally, Kotaku asks, "Whither 'Homeworld?" SEGA picked up Relic, but there was no explicit mention of what would be happening with that particular franchise. The publisher promises an update soon on what's happening with Relic's titles, including "Company of Heroes 2" which was due for release this year.

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