Could Platinum Games Aquire The 'Darksiders' Franchise?

One of the strangest developments coming out of the January 22 auction of THQ's assets was learning that Vigil Games hadn't found a home in the buying frenzy among publishers.

Most of us are hoping that Austin-based Vigil Games, developer of "Darksiders," weathers THQ's Chapter 11 filing somehow, still a tweet from Platinum Games' Atsushi Inaba (linked by Kotaku) indicates we could have a serious buyer in the "Bayonetta" studio for the IP.

There's nothing that can really be done for Vigil, at this point, who may or may not have been toiling away on the next "Darksiders" title, but their IP are still up for grabs and in its current position, THQ might let it go for a (relative) song. Still, both games were big--larger on a scale than Platinum's previous projects. If we're playing the what if game, the tight mechanics and big action could certainly be there, but how would they handle the exploration and RPG elements which have earned the series so much love?

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