'Drugbound' Is A Really Slick Endless Runner Flash Game

By Joseph Leray

Drugbound” is a political game about the United States federal drug policy. It’s an endless runner and, after each time your nameless protagonist falls in a hole or gets sliced into bits by a circular saw, the game tells you how many “herbs” you gathered and provides some statistics on the long-running War on Drugs.

Creator Dave Homan, developing HTML5 games under the Slouch Cough moniker, is pretty explicit in his views and clearly hopes that the successful launch of “Drugbound” later this month will help them spread.

The fact that “Drugbound” is a slick take on the genre, featuring cool chiptunes and smooth vector art will surely help his cause. On a personal note, I’m an absolute sucker for parallax scrolling -- watching “Drugbound”’s desertscape roll by is a huge part of its appeal. The game is rounded out by a set of achievements and upgrades, all of which you can explore in a playable, browser-based alpha version of the game.

Homan hopes to release the game for free on a number of HTML5-compatible platforms, including Android, iOS, PC, Mac, and Linux.


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