Jump Back Into ‘Dragon’s Dogma’ With ‘Dark Arisen’ Expansion Pack In April

By Joseph Leray

Capcom have announced that “Dark Arisen,” the expansion pack to last year’s “Dragon’s Dogma,” will be available in the U.S. on April 23, for the low, low price of $40. The expansion will focus on the “new threat” that has emerged from Bitterblack Isle.

“Dark Arisen” will include new quests and content customary of expansion packs, but here’s the kicker: a full version of the original “Dragon’s Dogma” will be included with your disc or digital copy, effectively turning this into a budget-priced re-release. Players who already own the original “Dragon’s Dogma” are up a creek when it comes to getting access to the new quests, enemies, and skills, though -- buying “Dark Arisen” is the only way to get at the new content.

This seems like a poor way to reward fans who paid for new versions of the game last year, but Capcom are hoping that 100,000 Rift crystals, unlimited Ferrystones, and an amour pack of six new costumes will smooth over any lingering resentment. “Dark Arisen” will also sync up with user’s old “Dragon’s Dogma” save information.

Here’s what else “Dark Arisen” will offer, per Capcom’s press release:

● A new underground realm to explore with over 25 new enemies

● A new tier (Level 3) of skills for each character

● Over 100 pieces of new equipment

● All new high-level weapons and armor sets 14 new character/Pawn augments

● New tiers of equipment enhancement

● Increased character customization options

● Item appraisal

● Option to select Japanese voice over

“Dark Arisen” also promises some user interface tweaks to make menus and traveling easier to navigate.

And so the games industry’s long national nightmare of releasing cheaper, more robust version of games a few paltry months after release continues on -- call it an expansion pack or a Game of the Year version, a $20 discount on a brand new game is always better than a stick in the eye.

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