North And Hastings' 'Galaga' Webcomic Is The Best Argument To Keep NASA Alive

De-fund the American space agency, leave the planet open to invasion by massive space bees--that's the argument I'm getting from Ryan North and Christopher Hastings' "Galaga" webcomic. The "Invasion" storyline has just begun, and you should be reading it.

The strip launched over on gaming-themed comics site Shifty Look, with a script by "Dinosaur Comics" writer Ryan North and "The Adventures of Dr. McNinja" creator Christopher Hastings. Both writers are adept at taking the absurd and making it rad: in this case, an intergalactic* bee invasion, and the Earth what's gonna fight them off.

North and Hastings are joined by Anthony Clark on colors, so you can blame him for those terrifyingly iridescent bees.

The first installment of "Invasion" launched on Monday, with new pages each subsequent day.

*I have no proof that these bees are from another galaxy.

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