Yoshi Wii U Game Confirmed, Screenshots Revealed

Yoshi, the world's favorite green dinosaur, hasn't starred in his own console game since "Yoshi's Story" launched on Nintendo 64 back in 1998. However, Nintendo revealed this morning that all of that is about to change, confirming a brand new Yoshi game for Wii U is currently in development.

The game is being developed by the same team responsible for "Kirby's Epic Yarn" with Takashi Tezuka -- director of "Yoshi's Island" and "Yoshi's Story" -- supervising the development. Just like Epic Yarn, the still unnamed Wii U Yoshi game will be set in a fanciful world of yarn and textiles.

No release date has been confirmed, but there are a couple more screens for you to check out below!

So, what do you think? Is Yarn Yoshi a game you'll be picking up? Hit the comments section and let us know!

Check out the entire Nintendo Direct announcement below:

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