Lt. Baird Guides You Through This New 'Gears of War: Judgment' Trailer

Jonesing for more chainsaw-gun action? Then check out the above video detailing the latest in Xbox's bloodiest exclusive. The good devs at People Can Fly are hoping to breath a little more life out of the meat-grindiest of 3rd person shooters with a unique tale starring the blonde, punching bag engineer Baird and his involvement with Kilo Squad. Also, it's a prequel taking place around after E-day but before Baird joins up with Marcus, Dom, and the rest.

As PCF takes over the reigns, they're injecting more than a little bit of their flavor to keep vertern players and newbies on their toes. With a somewhat arcade feeling to the traditional grim, methodical pacing of the first three, "Judgment" seems to have enough to want to merit an all new entry.

The neatest feature is found in the campaign. Called "Declassified Missions," completing these optional challenges will expose more of the story and with that more of the truth during the events with Kilo Squad. It's a nice way to change up the pace and make each encounter a little more meaningful. There's also all new weapons, defense scenarios -- flashpoints that play out like Horde mode -- and much more. Furthermore, early buyers will get a chance to the first "Gears of War" as it's being packaged along with the first run of "Judgment!" That's a pretty sweet deal for anyone looking to get into franchise.

In a way it's strange that I'm really looking forward to a new "Gears." I thought GoW3 wrapped up the universe and story rather nicely. But with People Can Fly behind the wheel I'm expecting "Gow:J" to be a little more over the top and insane (Also hoping for another BulletStorm...).

Look for "Gears of War: Judgment" March 19 for Xbox 360.

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