Irrational Offers An Early Look At The World Of 'Bioshock Infinite' With The 'Mind In Revolt' eBook

Can't wait to get your hands on "Bioshock Infinite" to learn all of the grubby little secrets of Irrational's new sky-high dystopia? Writer Joe Fielder and Ken Levine will give you an early peek into Columbia with this eBook in February.

According to the press release, the book will sketch out some of the players in the sky-city of Columbia with Irrational Games writer Fielder promising that it won't spoil the core mysteries of the game. We'll get a sense of some of the main factions battling for control of Columbia along with some revelations about characters like rebel leader Daisy Fitzroy (pictured in the piece of propaganda art below).

I'm wondering how much Booker and Elizabeth, the game's two leads will figure into this?

"Bioshock Infinite: Mind In Revolt" will be available for $2.99 on February 12th (or free if you preordered the shooter through Amazon).

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