Awesome ‘Fez’ LEGO Model

LEGO dioramas and minifigs will always be cool. I declare this as a universal fact. They’re even cooler when tackling subjects from popular video games. Following this truth about all things LEGO and games is, Sean Foreman, who masterfully recreates the first level from enigmatic indie game, “Fez.” It’s too perfect not to¬†share.

The thing about “Fez” is that it’s really an excellent game to emulate using little interlocking plastic blocks. Much like the neat LEGO CUUSOO “Minecraft” set, this “Fez” model crafts each nook and cranny from the multidimensional game in crisp detial. From the windmill to each individual house, the whole set looks just great; but to get the full effect check out this rotating gif.

He even has a short YouTube clip sharing his thoughts and challenges about his creation. And check out more images from his Tumblr account!

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