The Cutest Commander Shepard In The Galaxy

I'm Commander Shepard and this joke has certainly run its course by now. Anyways.... cuddle up with the galactic saviour with these squeezable, huggable plushies! DeviantArtist, eitanya, has stitched together a vertible squad of cutties from BioWare's Mass Effect series! You can even purchase a few from her account with prices ranging from around 90 to 120 space bucks.Check out more images after the jump.

Shepard, Garrus, Saren, and Thane are here for all your cuddling needs with Legion, Tali, and a Collector rounding out the list! These are all so squeeeeeeee that my manly man side is getting a little disturbed over my burgeoning effeminacy. Anywho, be sure to check out her page for more gaming goodness.

[Goofythings VIA DeviantArt]

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