'The Elder Scrolls Online' Opens Beta Signups, Gets A New CG Trailer

Elves! Guys with knives! That one big guy!

Here's Bethesda's five-minute pitch to get you excited for their upcoming MMO.

First off, if you want to sign up for the open beta for "The Elder Scrolls Online," you should absolutely do that now. Everything we've heard about the game so far sounds pretty dope. Bethesda makes compulsively playable games, and we're hoping that by adding friends, that'll only make the world of

Tamriel harder to leave.

But man, is something about this trailer off-putting. We've seen plenty of cinematic trailers make their way into our inboxes over the years, but in each case, they sold the flavor of the game in question. Sure, you weren't ever going to have the hyper-kinectic martial arts experience advertised in the "Pandaria" trailer for "WoW," but it convincingly broke down what would be interesting about the game's latest expansion: new character designs, an air of mystery, and pandas that kick things.

Bethesda's slickly-produced ad doesn't really serve up anything beyond "generic dark fantasy MMO," which is kind of in abundant supply. It's a bunch of identity-free classes knocking around on a very, very dark battlefield in what are apparently different factions. Plus visually, it's a wide mark from the stylized art that's been promised for the game, which will move away somewhat from the semi-realistic world depicted in say, "Skyrim."

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