'Mercenary Kings' Playable At IGDA And PAX East

By Joseph Leray

We last heard from Mercenary Kings during its Kickstarter campaign, lured in by its promise of highly customizable run-and-shoot platforming and by Paul Robertson’s signature pixel art. The game was successfully funded in September 2012, which means that Mercenary Kings will be available on Steam in May (with Mac and Ouya ports to come later).

In the meantime, though, developer Tribute Studios is showing the game off at events: “Metal Slug” afficionados will be able to play the game at tonight’s IGDA DemoNight in Montreal, or at PAX East, which takes place in Boston in March. They’ll even have a booth!

On a practical level, having a stable, playable build to show off to audiences is an important part of the game’s marketing and development -- a successful tour can spur word-of-mouth praise for Mercenary Kings while simultaneously gauging fan feedback. Anyone making the trek to the frigid north for IGDA or PAX East would do well to keep an eye out.

[Kickstarter via Destructoid]

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