New Tutorial, Content Sharing Coming To 'Dead Or Alive 5+' On The Vita

We're still not completely sure why you'd want to cross-play a technical fighting game between a PS3 and a Vita, but a new training mode and tutorial seem like great additions to Team Ninja's upcoming port.

Headed to the Vita on March 19th in the U.S., "Dead or Alive 5+" will be getting some of the usual interesting/odd additions that console-to-handheld ports get nowadays. These include the requisite touch controls (which are completely optional), as part of a (still, completely optional) vertical first-person view. What was the last game to try the first-person fighting gimmick? "Breakdown?"

All this skepticism aside, some of the really cool stuff that might make this the version to pick up are a new tutorial mode. While the campaign was quite effective at pointing players to core moves and techniques, executing them in the story-based matches was wholly optional. A dedicated tutorial would be a great way of making sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Also, similar to "Street Fighter X Tekken," any DLC content on the PS3 can share it with their Vita (and vice versa) as part of the Cross Buy feature, with Team Ninja promising to have released over 100 costumes by the end of this month. Cross Buy will be accompanied by Cross Save, which will allow players to save their game progress between platforms.

Finally, Team Ninja is promising three times the detail for each move, likely requiring even more precise timing to pull off some of the trickier counter timing.

You can check out all of the updates when "Dead or Alive 5+" hits the Vita in March.

[Source: PlayStation Blog Europe]

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