Japanese ‘Metal Gear Rising Revengeance’ Trailer Shines The Spotlight On Its Bosses

The latest trailer from the Platinum Games/Kojima Productions joint, “MGRR,” gives us a look at its bosses–the “Winds of Destruction”–in motion and out of control (in Japanese).

Back in November, Konami revealed character details and character art for the main players in this hack and slash psycho-action-drama, including the English-language voice actors. Say, did you know the voice of Monsoon was also the Cryptkeeper?

While the new character designs are impressive, the broad character outlines don’t tell us if they’ll have the same sort of complex, often bizarre mental/emotional drives of “Metal Gear” bosses (and Bosses) past. Of course, this is Kojima’s story, but those have typically been in service of more deliberate games. How much of that will be pared down to get back to the more action-focused “Revengeance?”

Embedded from www.youtube.com.