Suit Up: 343 Industries Rolls Out More Of Season One Spartan Ops In 'Halo 4'

The next five installments of the episodic expansion to "Halo 4" are on the way starting next Monday. We've got the trailer, screens, and most importantly, details on the second half of season one of Spartan Ops after the jump.

The five episodes, which will debut weekly from January 21 through February 24, will take us back to requiem alongside the Spartans of Fireteam Crimson as they battle it out with the Covenant separatists forces under Jul ‘Mdama. As with the first half of season one, all episodes are free for Xbox LIVE Gold members who own a copy of "Halo 4."

Our own Clint Mize had this to say about the episodic multiplayer mode in his review of "Halo 4": "It's a fresh change of pace and due the relative brevity and variety of the missons, you'll be itching for new content as it's released."

Here's what 343 Industries has in store for the back half of season one:

And you can check out some gameplay and story screens below:

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