Enjoyed The 'Killer Is Dead' Trailer? How About A Massive Gallery Of Official Screenshots?

The Grasshopper-developed title just received its first trailer, and now you can feast your eyes on the visually stylish action game in these images which made their debut via Famitsu.

The new screens show off some of the characters and actions from Suda51's latest title. Now if looks could kill, we'd have to outlaw most of Grasshopper's gorgeously cel-shaded output. But the big question is how will it play? The company's ultra-stylish and conceptually fascinating games always seem to hit a wall when it actually comes to playing them.

In any event, this is what assassin Mondo Zappa looks like in action.

You can check out the full gallery of images below:

[gallery link="file" order="DESC" orderby="title" exclude="92820,92824,92823,92822,92818,92817"]

Japanese gamers can expect "Killer is Dead" this summer, while gamers in the West will just have to wait on official word of an English-language release.

[Source(s): Famitsu via Capsule Computers]

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