'The Showdown Effect' Gets Open Beta Signups With New Site

By Joseph Leray

To celebrate a new website, open beta signups, and an impending March release date, “The Showdown Effect” developers have released a new animated trailer, introducing the game’s fast-paced combat and it’s goofy, ‘80s-inspired writing.

“The Showdown Effect” is a multiplayer shooter from Arrowhead Games, who developed “Magicka” in 2010. “Magicka” was a clever subversion of standard role-playing games, and it seems like Arrowhead wanted to do the same for action games with “Showdown.”

Like Arrowhead’s previous games, Paradox Interactive is publishing the title, which will be available for $10 on Steam in March. Shams Jorjani, Paradox’ vice-president of business development, described “Showdown” as “‘Worms’ in real-time,” and compared the game favorably to Nintendo’s “Super Smash Bros.” and “Soldat” when he spoke with Joystiq late last year.

“Showdown” will also include in-game streaming to TwitchTV, allowing fans to get together and watch footage without having to buy or download additional software.

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