You Can't Paint The Action Of 'Sumioni' Into A Corner With This Trailer

The touch-controlled platformer/hack and slash from "Tenchu" developers Acquire for the Vita might just draw your interest.

Consider it a side-scrolling "Okami," but instead of simply using your mystical ink to swipe through enemies, dooming them to a stylish black death, you can also use your front and rear touchpad swipes to summon deities to fight on your behalf and platforms to overcome level obstacles.

The title comes from the Japanese art of Sumi-e ink painting with a good old "oni" thrown in for demonic good measure. The story puts you in the role of Agura, a long-sealed demon released to battle the chaos that's engulfed the land.

"Sumioni: Demon Arts" will be available for the Vita on March 30th.

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