End Plumber's Crack With A Custom Super Mario Belt!

I can think of nothing worse than losing your pants while your trying to save the Princess. Thankfully, a talented Etsy user has designed these awesome "Super Mario Bros." belts, depicting the level of your choice. But a belt this cool doesn't come cheap. In fact, you may want to start saving those gold coins right now.

Julia, who owns and operates Etsy shop SalukiFeathers, crafted the amazing belt you see above for one of her brothers. The finished product was then shared on Reddit, where it went on to nab the #1 spot on the front page. Due to the overwhelming response, she decided to add the item to her Etsy shop, giving everyone a chance to own one of her amazing pants holder-uppers.

The belts are made to order, allowing the customer to decide which level from the original Mario Bros. (or another game, like "Sonic the Hedgehog") they'd like to appear on the belt. As far as the buckle goes, it's up to you. The artist says she can make a leather buckle to match the design, or setup the belt to accept a metal buckle like the one seen in the photos.

Apparently, the Mario belt took "a week of work spread out over about a month's time" to complete, so don't bother asking for next-day delivery. If you want one, you'll also have to be willing to part with a good chunk of change. Because each belt is crafted by hand and clearly involves a good deal of meticulous, time-consuming work, pricing starts at $395. If that's a bit too rich for your blood, you may want to check out one of SalukiFeathers' equally impressive dog collars.

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