Nintendo Wants To Protect Your Wii U GamePad With A New Accessory Set

Passing the Wii U GamePad around a group of friends tends to end with a remarkable amount of smudges from all of those grubby fingers. To help you keep that shiny tablet controller clean, Nintendo has introduced a new GamePad Accessory Set, including a screen protector, stylus and more.

The screen protector is pretty standard, just what you'd expect, but the additional stylus that comes with the Accessory Set is an extra-large version that Nintendo says was designed to provide “more comfortable touch-screen game play.” The set also comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth.

If you want to pick up a set of your own it'll set you back about $13, but don't rush out to get one now. Apparently, Nintendo won't be sending them to store shelves until February 14th. Of course, you could always skip the official Nintendo branded version and snag one of the many third-party accessory sets for a few dollar less.

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