App Of The Week: 'Temple Run 2'

"Temple Run" has been downloaded over 170 million times, and today Imangi Studios has revealed a sequel to the best-selling game, cleverly dubbed "Temple Run 2." Set in an entirely new world, "Temple Run 2" picks up where the first game left off, featuring new obstacles, abilities, powers-ups and achievements.

"We are so grateful to our millions of fans who turned Temple Run, a small fun game we made in our apartment, into a worldwide pop culture phenomenon," said Keith Shepherd, co-founder of Imangi. "With Temple Run 2, we hope to provide our loyal players with a challenging follow-up that builds on and surpasses the endless fun of the original."

I'm going to be completely honest here – I was not a big fan of the original "Temple Run." After playing "Pitfall" on iOS, "Temple Run" just seemed like it was missing something. However, "Temple Run 2" seems makes up for the original's shortcomings.

Once again you've stolen the idol and those crazy mutant primates are hot on your tail. The updated visuals look absolutely gorgeous and all of the challenges are sure to keep you busy. Players will start off as Guy Dangerous, but other characters – Scarlett Fox, Barry Bones and Karma Lee – will be available to unlock as you earn coins. There are also a slew of power-ups to unlock, including the shield, coin bonus, boost, score bonus, the coin magnet and a gem bonus. All of these power-ups can then be upgraded via the “Abilities” menu, making it easy to burn through those hard earned coins.

Jut like the original, "Temple Run 2" is completely free, aside from in-app purchases you make. Unfortunately, it's only available on iOS right now, but the team at Imangi says the game will be hitting Google Play and the Amazon Marketplace very soon.

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