'Aliens: Colonial Marines' Hits Gold Status, Wii U Version Coming Before The End Of March

By Joseph Leray

Last night, Gearbox Software announced that its upcoming sci-fi/horror shooter "Aliens: Colonial Marines" has gone gold. This means that development for the game is finished, and that the code has been certified. The next step is to ship the code off to manufacturing, so that actual game discs can be made and sent to retailers.

This is well and good -- it means that "Colonial Marines" will likely hit its target release date of February 12 (the perfect Valentine’s Day gift!) -- but there’s a catch: the game’s gold status only extends to the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 versions. The Wii U version, which is being developed separately by Demiurge Studios, is nowhere to be seen.

When asked about the Wii U game, "Colonial Marines" publisher Sega would only say that it’s due out in the console’s “launch window,” which runs through March 31. They also reiterated that February 12 was never supposed to be the release date for the Wii U version.

"Aliens: Colonial Marines" takes place after the events of James Cameron’s seminal 1986 film: the Marines on the Sulaco have been ripped apart by some mysterious enemy, and the ship has drifted way off course. It’s fallen to the crew of the Sephora to investigate. “Escape” and “Survival” multiplayer modes will round out the package.

[Gearbox via Eurogamer]

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