'Tomb Raider' Devs Explain Why The Game Needs Multiplayer Modes

By Joseph Leray

"We don't have to have multiplayer to have a successful single-player,” Eidos Montreal’s Daniel Bisson told Eurogamer recently. “It’s not critical to do that.”

And yet, the new "Tomb Raider" game, published by Square Enix and coming out in March, has several multiplayer modes. Crystal Dynamics is handling the single-player campaign while Bisson’s team at Eidos Montreal is developing the game’s team deathmatch and survival multiplayer modes.

Bisson explained that the success of Laura Croft and the "Guardian of Light," 2010’s co-operative entry into the Tomb Raider franchise is partly responsible. “When [Crystal Dynamics] were doing it, people were asking why … They stuck to their guns and they ended up with something pretty successful, and that was pretty good,” Bisson says. Guardian of Light emboldened the team, pushing them to try new things with the long-running series.

Bisson’s own selfishness also helped push the multiplayer mode through development, he explains. “You have some games with a rich universe, and you think you want to stay there forever and then it ends.”

“One of the things that was pitched was ‘Can we make that Tomb Raider universe persistent?’ We wanted to do that, and we explored new maps and new types of gameplay, and for me that’s very meaningful,” he says.

I think Bisson’s got the idea, there -- I really enjoyed "Mass Effect 3’s" multiplayer, despite the doom-and-gloom that surrounded its announcement last year. The squad-based missions weren’t particularly groundbreaking, but it felt fun to explore new areas and new mechanics in the context of a Mass Effect game. I hope the same can be said for the "Tomb Raider" reboot.

For a bigger look at "Tomb Raider’s" new multiplayer, and more of Bisson’s comments on the project, be sure to check out his interview with Eurogamer.

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