Double Fine's 'The Cave' Will Be Ready For Download Next Week

I sure hope you're to head into "The Cave." Sega recently revealed that Double Fine's action-adventure game will be heading to digital marketplaces, anxiously awaiting its addition to your download queue on the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and PC, next week.

Wii U and PlayStation 3 owners will be able to check it out first, as it's scheduled to show up on the eShop and PlayStation Network January 22nd. Their jealous friends hoping to play on Xbox 360 or PC will have t stick it out until the 23rd. Each version will cost a reasonable $15.

"The Cave" is the latest game from Ron Gilbert, the man behind "Monkey Island" and "Deathspank." It follows the story of seven characters (players will choose three to get things going) who have each embarked on a journey into the bowels of a deep, dark, talking cave for their own purposes. For instance, the Hillbilly is apparently looking for a lost love, while the Scientist just so happens to be on the verge of a breakthrough discovery. There's also co-op, so your buddies can get in on the action too. Neat!

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