The Devil's Music- Noisia's 'DmC' Soundtrack On Soundcloud

I've just begun my first run through the hellish hack-n-slash world of Ninja Theory's "DmC" and, while the jury is still out on my end, I'm startng to lean toward the same side as Jason (his review). One thing is certain, the OST is pretty fitting for the new look and feel for the Son of Sparda. Noisia (while not exactly my preferred musical flavor) lays out a decent range from dirty, bass heavy beats to electronic schisms to hollow orchestral dirges that mesh well with the buried underworld of the demon realm. Luckily, for those that want a taste, the entire 36 song OST is up on the internet's music box, SoundCloud. I've pulled out a few samples of the ones that bent my ear. Check them out after the jump.

Noisia - Devil May Cry Soundtrack - 09 - Barbas Theme

Noisia - Devil May Cry Soundtrack - 05 - Poison Theme

Noisia - Devil May Cry Soundtrack - 20 - Under Watch (Bonus)

Noisia - Devil May Cry Soundtrack - 21 - Arcade Machine (Diegetic) (Bonus)

Noisia - Devil May Cry Soundtrack - 28 - Kat's Theme (Bonus)

Pretty neat, huh? While maybe not as iconic as the heavy metal "DMCs" of yesteryear, Ninja Theory does tap into the a bit of the music of now to craft their own version of the popular series. So what do you think about this devil music?

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