Domo Makes His Mobile Gaming Debut This February In 'Domo The Journey'

Last year, the lovable Domo made is his first iOS appearance in the wonderfully goofy Domo Photo Bomb app. Now the viral sensation is returning to the App Store for his mobile gaming debut in "Domo The Journey," set to launch for iPhone in early February. Details and a teaser after the break!

A return to the side-scrolling genre that we're all so familiar with, "Domo The Journey" will have players racing through 25 levels across five different zones to rescue Tashanna, who's been kidnapped by the grouchy Hungry Bear. Sprinting through the forest while dodging deadly traps and enemies, the teams behind the game insist that players will be treated to rich visuals and animations the whole way through.

"Domo has been able to infiltrate every medium of pop culture and it was only a matter of time until the viral sensation made his gaming debut on the iPhone," said Rich Maryyanek, Chief Marketing Officer, Big Tent Entertainment. "Domo’s fans are among the most loyal of any of today’s most iconic characters and they’ve been clamoring for this type of interactive experience, which we believe our partners at Horse Feathers have expertly and faithfully crafted."

If, like many others, you just can't get enough Domo in your life you'll be happy to know that the furry critter has also made his way to Xbox Live and PlayStation Home in the form avatar props, companions and clothing.

No specific release date for "Domo The Journey" has been revealed, but February isn't too far off. Needless to say, we'll be keeping an eye out for this one.


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