'Disney Infinity' Will Run You $75 Right Out Of The Gate

By Joseph Leray

Destructoid is reporting that the basic setup for the recently-announced "Disney Infinity" will cost $74.99 when it goes to retail in June. That nets you a copy of the game, three figurines, and the wireless base that connects those figurines to the games.

Here’s a further breakdown:

Play Set Pack: $34.99

Individual figure: $12.99

Figure three-pack: $29.99

Power Disc Pack: $4.99

Play Sets include new hub areas and campaigns, and Power Discs are blind purchase packs that will include random sets of in-game abilities, items, and customizations. The real eye-opener, though, is that individual figurines -- which translate into playable characters -- are $12.99 each. The brand recognition and collectability are going to make Disney a fortune.

The Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii U versions are apparently more-or-less identical: they’ll use the wireless reader to scan players’ physical items into Disney Infinity. The PC version, though, will use digital codes instead.

Meanwhile John Coyne, Activision’s Vice-President of Consumer Marketing, remarked to Forbes that his company is “flattered that one of the leading family entertainment companies is joining our toys-to-life category.” Activision’s own "Skylanders" series also uses collectible, real-world toys as in-game characters, and they’ve been enormously successful. “We are well-positioned to continue leading the category,” Coyne said.

The two properties differ when it comes to multiplayer, though: in "Disney Infinity," online play will be restricted to players that are already on your friends list. The lack of randomized matchmaking will surely cut down on the trolling and griefing, effectively neutralizing any parent’s fears about what might happen when their children play "Disney Infinity" online.

"Disney Infinity" will be available on all major consoles, PC, and 3DS in June.

[Destructoid, Forbes via Polygon]

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