Mark Dacascos Being In ‘Mortal Kombat: Legacy 2’ Is An Excuse To Introduce You To ‘Drive’

When Hell Horror ran this cast photo of the second of the web series “Mortal Kombat: Legacy,” I knew the moment had come: it was time to introduce those of you who weren’t aware of it to one of the great martial arts comedies featuring Kadeem Hardison and a stolen Yakuza cyborg heart of the 90’s.


“Drive” stars martial artist and sometimes Iron Chef Chairman Mark Dacascos, a performer who really should have broken out in a bigger way than he did in the late 90’s and beginning of this decade. Sure, he’s done not-great stuff like the live-action “Double Dragon” movie, but he’s also the reason “Brotherhood of the Wolf” was such a great kick-in-the-chest piece of martial arts/horror/action back in the day.

A natural performer with a much easier charisma than some of his contemporaries (Jeff Speakman, anyone), the most fun I’ve had watching him in a film was his part in the ridiculous/brilliant “Drive” from 1997. The film sees Dacascos using his turbo-charged artificial heart to stay one step ahead of hitmen, gangsters, and assault-weapon wielding hillbillies.

And you should watch the whole dang thing:

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